Interactive water tub


An immersive experience from a rather interesting medium. Now you could actually control objects that is projected onto water surfaces! Developers from the Koike Laboratory in Tokyo have actually created an interactive touchscreen on the surface of waters in a bathtub. It provides us with lots of fun during our bath time. What’s amazing is one need not worry about damaging their electronic devices. Known as “Aquatop”, this technology is made possible through a few devices. With the Kinect camera mounted on top of the tub, a projector as well as nice speakers and a PC of course. You can create lasers by dipping your fingers into the water or even play with moving objects like photographs. Check out this video to see how much our bathing experience has evolved. Extremely fun and very engaging. This could be a promising way to make use of water projection for interactive and social engagement purposes. A good way for business that wish to create a rather alternative brand experience.

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