Interesting Paper Printer

samsung-idea-2013-mate-625x1000 samsung-idea-2013-clip-625x1000 samsung-idea-2013-origami-1-650x0 samsung-idea-2013-origami-2-625x1000


So it seems that now Samsung has expanded it’s offerings to more than just electronics. The electronic company has also developed interest in creating environmental friendly electronics now. It is currently working on a printer that is made entirely out of corrugated cardboard. This printer now in it’s prototype stage, is known as the Origami. The first thing that hits your mind would inevitably be paper and the material used is a highly foldable piece of recycled, durable cardboard which is easy to assemble. The final product resembles that of a standard typical laser printer except the plastic facade. However, the interior of the printer would still contain the necessary plastic parts. The idea came from Seungwook Jeong, the principal lead designer who got his inspirations from a paper box of a donut shop. As the trend now for most users is to discard of their printers frequently, it would pretty much make sense if the printer could be easily recycled. Hence, the solution is to create a durable paper printer. And to make it even better, it is also both fire and water-resistant. This was part of the three printer concepts for the 2013 International Design Excellence Awards created by Samsung. There are other inventions that include a printer call the Clip which eschews screws in construction with the help of clips instead to lock Polyethylene plastics together. Another idea was the Mate, which is a customizable printer with interesting panels that can be interchangeable. A very innovative award show by Samsung that constantly inspired great ideas.

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