Robot fun

Feeling left out not being able to attend summer camp? Would you resort to having a robot to represent you being there at the party itself? I’m sure most people might not do so. The Social Robot was created to allow teenagers to be a part of the summer camp in the event that they could not take part in the activity. They now control robots navigating it around the school, using it to communicate with their friends, watching shows or even join competitions. I loved the idea of being part of the experience and bringing it home. However, the idea of this robot being you and you being not there instead of a robot, is just not so cool in my opinion. I highly doubt the success of this innovative effort. Then, I must admit it is a very good effort to bring joy for everyone regardless of any situation. The robots were made to be stars of the shows and publicity was thrown on the media for them. As I have mentioned earlier on, I have my reservations on Coca-Cola’s marketing efforts this time round.

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