MTV it

Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_16 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_14 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_13 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_06 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_05 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_02 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_01 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_11 Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_12


Heres some amazing work by Motherbird, a creative agency based in Melbourne. These are really neat design work done up for MTV. I love the use of raw imagery and nice markerish typography. Certainly a new way to see MTV in a different angle. A more rebellious interpretation of the brand. Nice.

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