Unique is the key

tv_barrow_che-wei_wang_taylor_levy_2b-thumb-468x156-47800 tv_barrow_che-wei_wang_taylor_levy-thumb-525xauto-47799 tv_barrow_che-wei_wang_taylor_levy_3b-thumb-468x312-47803 tv_barrow_che-wei_wang_taylor_levy_4b-thumb-468x312-47806

I actually saw a design that is similar to this product designed by Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Lev but wasn’t really able to recall where I saw it though. Which reminds me, this design is actually pretty interesting and one which I think is quite unique and handy too. A nice art piece as well as a nice TV stand with great mobility. Well, it does have wheels and a stand right? I believe this design was posted quite a while ago but still looking fresh even now as we see it. Cool stuffs.

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