Nokia is awesome

Once again, CP+B has blessed us with great creative work. What we are seeing here is an ad for Nokia for their new Windows Phone. We see how the agency transforms the competition by bringing it ‘live’. There is some sort of a relevance here. I see a metaphor which kind of describes the competition between brands, being illustrated to life using the example of a concert or recital. Here we see enthusiastic parents desperately struggling to take pictures with their phones. Their frantic moments got worse when their phones limit the kind of photo quality they need, causing them to rush forward and onward to the stage. We see people stomping on one another, people hanging from the top and even some who would dash under the skirt of another. I actually like how CP+B makes the entire commercial rather entertaining and how their copy “Don’t fight. Switch.” makes so much a great example of ditching the competition by switching.

One thought on “Nokia is awesome

  1. I really love how they created the commercial. Nokia being silent on and cool on the side and just let the rest of the other brand users to compete with each other. Kudos to Nokia

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