iPhone 5S

To most of you iPhone followers, tech geeks and Apple haters out there, you know the iPhone 5S is coming. And some of you might have seen this video. The iPhone 5S after Tim Cook’s presentation at a special media event in their head office of Cupertino, California, witnessed a series of imperative changes that should put the iPhone 5S back on the charts. Apart from it’s cheaper offering of the iPhone 5C, the new model retains it’s iconic aesthetics. They have really gone minimal, I doubt anyone could strip the design down to anywhere near it’s current design basics. However, they do have a gold model. In terms of it’s software and hardware, there are impressive enhancements like the biometric fingerprint sensor for the home button which I think it’s really cool. The iPhone 5S comes with a first 64-bit smartphone processor that significantly runs twice the speed of the iPhone 5. It also comes with a dual-LED flash! It is equipped with the usual high-grade aluminum casing but boasts a pixel resolution of 1136 x 640. Nice.

There are silver, gold and “space gray” color options available. Check out our official iPhone 5S picture gallery.

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