iOS7 background pictures

1242xiphone-640x1197 2032xiphone-640x1197 1172xiphone-640x1197 1022xiphone-640x1197 1032xiphone-640x1197 1042xiphone-640x1197 1072xiphone-640x1197 2052xiphone-640x1197 1062xiphone-640x1197 1152xiphone-640x1197

If you haven’t seen the new wallpapers for the iOS 7 yet, here I have picked some of the photos which I think is kinda pretty. Although the iPhone 5S has been getting a lot of trash and negativity, I think it still have it’s beauty which cannot be easily replaced. These are actually pretty lovely system wallpapers. After a short while, you did probably put in your own photos. However, it is still refreshing to put back something original once again.



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