What, Us Worry?



This cover was taken from Bloomberg Businessweek and here we see the 3 main people from Apple. The poster illustrates all three of them having fun, completely unfazed the current situation the company is facing. I have to admit Creative Director Richard Turley did a great cover. I like the way this poster shows all three of them being very casual and how the headline “What, Us Worry?” completely answers all our concerns about the company’s running.


Creative Director: Richard Turley
Design Director: Cynthia Hoffman
Art Director: Robert Vargas
Assistant Creative Director: Tracy Ma
Graphics Director: Jennifer Daniel
Designers: Maayan Pearl, Lee Wilson, Chandra Illick, Shawn Hasto
Graphics Editors: Evan Applegate, Christopher Nosenzo
Director of Photography: David Carthas
Deputy Photo Editor: Emily Keegin
Photo Editors: Alis Atwell, Meagan Ziegler-Haynes, Donna Cohen, Jamie Goldenberg, Diana Suryakusama
Design Manager: Emily Anton

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