Japan’s take on the new iPhone 5S and 5C



It is pretty surprising to see a huge audience outside the stores of Apple in Japan. Following the news of their release for iPhone 5C and 5S, a huge crowd start gathering and began queuing outside the stores. To my astonishment, one would gather that the japanese economy, while moving slowly on a slum is still gaining lots of traction from their people in terms of their retail spending. On a relatively hot morning, we can still see a significant amount of people at the Shibuya Apple store and this is from the third day of sale. Looks like the results of their popularity haven’t been too shabby I suppose. The iPhone is now on NTT Docomo, and with a great telecom giant behind their back, there would definitely be great growth for the tech company in Japan. The japanese market is an imperative step to bring up the current equity status in Asia and hopefully it would help to empower the neighboring asian countries as well.

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