Xbox larger than life?

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News following the installation of a humungous Xbox One in Vancouver reveals a shocking experience for a lot of people. There are mixed sentiments and reactions following Microsofts’ series of zany outdoor activations. Have you seen the giant Windows Phone or the giant Surface tablet? Anyway, this larger than life approach is hugely overused. Apart from this, Microsoft has announced that the large prop will unlock if there are enough gamers pledging their gamertags. Hmm, this is something to worry about.


Coffee branding

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It sure feels good to do great creative work. Which is why branding works has been one area which I have been very keen to explore for my career in the creative line. I believe that the source of a creative product comes right from it’s initial spark. With the premise that a brand possessing strong identity is ultimately the results of a great brand strategy, brand building is an essential part of your initial product life cycle. J Hornig has lately done some really nice work. A long established brand that is still willing to go the extra mile to give their brand a little refreshing. Such effective branding work. Check out what they have done from the pictures.

HTC One snapdragon technology

I have yet to witness a 540 degree photobooth. This time round the HTC One is gonna prove to us that technology has surpassed our imagination. Check out this cool video of the ‘Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth’ by HTC One. In order to capture the powerful technology of the phone, a platform stage, circular in fashion was set up with a spiral train of HTC phones. This allowed the phones to snap at all angles. People were asked to go into the booth and do things that they want. These include stunts like breakdancing, skateboard, high jumping and even one dude breathing fire! The booth was able to capture amazing angles. It allowed the HTC One’s super fast Snapdragon to showcase it’s true capability. Check out all the fun thats happening right there now.

Thin like a pencil

Is this so cool or what? The new Apple commercial for iPad Air is simply brilliant. With such great use of visuals and amazing copy, the commercial really do let you think and ponder the authenticity of how slim the tablet actually is. Comparing it to a pencil, something which you would use everyday, is an extremely clever way of subject relation. By comparing something to a familiar object would significantly raise the impact of getting your audience to  actually relate to it. You see how the camera stays so focus on the pencil that you would imagine what exactly is this going to do, say or transform? We then see how Apple relate the necessity of a pencil to different circumstances so powerful that it would also be just as useful as the iPad would be. At the end, you see how the iPad is revealed. It is incredibly thin and very compact. The premise is very simple and totally sells the audience how amazing the gadget is.

Revel Jeans

Levi’s jeans have always been a part of my childhood since I was in college. Most of us would rock in our vintage Levis with a pair of Jack Purcells or Converse. Over the last couple of years, sales for Levis jeans have been on the slump here in Singapore. While, the brand might be slipping here in Singapore, it isn’t looking that bad on a global scale. So far, they have got a new formula, a revolution that combines liquid shaping technology with a perfect fit. The Levi’s Revel. “Shapes. Lifts. Lengthens.”

Check out this video which features really nice looking girls with sleek moves.

Tweeting bra

Nothing is far fetched in the world of creativity and technology (even if it is, in this case). It is undoubtedly true that social media has totally integrated into our lives and for most people, a large chunk of their time is spent engaging with their friends and colleagues on social sites. Twitter is one of the platforms that offers regular feeds on a almost real time basis. Leveraging on such a fantastic mechanism, a new idea is born. One that does mankind a favor, a benefit. Now, women tend to neglect their breast screening routines and how could they be given a gentle reminder? The best time of the day to remind them of the appointment is the time when they unhook their bra. Every time the bra is unhooked, it would send a reminder through your cell phone. What happens is, the cell phone would then send the signal to the server and then a tweet is generated. One of it’s kind, the tweeting bra is an idea that has never been done before. So now women can be gently reminded of their monthly breast examination. A nice and thoughtful idea.

Sauces of art

Branding has always been one of my keen subject. This video for Lyod Grossman sauces had an artistic sense to it. For a start, I believe videos like these should place significant emphasis on the product they are selling. Again, most of us would have expected that and doing so would just flow with the norm. However, coming out with something different, something you wouldn’t expect, creates curiousity. Here, we see the product being sold, the script telling us about the sauces and it’s taste, at the same time we see a different way of interpreting that. Fascinating.

North Korean art!

DISCO_NIGHT_TO_ENHANCE_THE_DAY_verge_super_wide GLORIOUS_CCTV_TOWER_verge_super_wide OFFICE_CULTURE_FOR_PROSPERITY_verge_super_wide CITY_MIGRATION_verge_super_wide Screen shot 2013-10-23 at PM 11.23.46 Screen shot 2013-10-23 at PM 11.24.53 CCTV_TOWER_WITH_BOUNTIFUL_HARVEST_verge_super_wide KTV_GIVES_US_A_VOICE_verge_super_wide

Heres probably a reason why most of us won’t want to be living in North Korea. Try imaging yourself dressed in thick stuffy clothing going to a club or wearing extremely conservative swim wear from the 70s out in the public. These would have been a major turn off for most people these day. However, you do not need to imagine how it would be when we can can have artists from North Korea to illustrate this in their propaganda art. In order to visualize how modern China would look like in the a communist interpretation, two artists from Britain commissioned a North Korean group to paint it out. The result is a mixture of how the North Koreans see modern China and applying their structures in their artwork. It is rather interesting to see the art work from a different perspective. This is part of the series call The Beautiful Future which also happen to be finishing up a show in Beijing.

“We wanted to show contemporary China as it could have been, if it had continued with Maoist ideology.” – Artist Nick Boner

Nokia 2520

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The embarrassing stuffs I have heard about Nokia going bust or having it’s operations lapsed make it seem like people are uncertain of what the tech company is capable of doing. Introducing the first Nokia tablet, the Lumia 2520. This baby was launched together with the rest of the gadgets like the 6-inch Windows Phones, the Lumia 1520 and 1320. There were also many exciting updates coming onboard this time round. Check out more of them here: 

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