Coca Cola has launched more innovation and ground breaking work with their ‘EKOCENTER’ concept together with DEKA R&D. It is effectively a kiosk that would come equipped with Slingshot water distiller. The objective this time is to help improve and at the same time provide clean drinking water in different parts of the globe. On top of that, the kiosk is also a storage for food, refrigerated medication and vaccines as well as health care information.

This initiative is targeted at improving the quality of life in developing communities around the world. Their main focus is on the lower and less fortunate ones who happen to be those at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ currently. They are looking at the poorest group that represents at least 4 billion people that live off less that US$2 a day. The kiosk which is a shipping container is created with not just providing food and water, it is also equipped with Wi-Fi connection and satellite communication. The interesting part of it is that it does come with a sun-shelter. We are starting to see Coca Cola doing its part for the community and leading by example. This effort really shows how humans can tap on technology to improve lives. We will soon see more of the EKOCENTERs distributed in 20 countries by 2015.

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