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As technology gets incorporated into our daily lives, more and more things that we do everyday can be readily replaced. There seems to be quite a bit going on with regards to the use of drone technology. Where machines replace labor, it helps corporations save up a lot on their manual overheads. Australian textbook rental startup, Zookal is making this a reality. They plan to utilize drones as their dispatch service in Australia next year. They also have plans to make this a reality in the US by 2015. It is the first company to adopt a fully automated drone technology for commercial purposes. With six drones to start off, they would drop off the textbooks on an open space of the client’s desired location, avoiding possible collisions with nearby trees, buildings as well as potential obstacles. The service aims to deliver service and is sync online with a smartphone app. This is a rather innovative way of transporting items. I see the use of drones will increase with time.

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