The half moon

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A fabulous installation in Victoria Park gave a major spectacle to the people in Hong Kong. They were greeted with a really gigantic hemisphere in Victoria Park for the Lantern Wonderland 2013 last month. The project, ‘Rising Moon’ was created by local design agency Daydreamers Design for their Mid-Autumn Festical. It is meant to be a celebration for the moon is at its brightest and fullest. They have created a half sphere and while it is atop the river, the other half is a reflection of it. Making it a complete sphere. Very conceptual and very elegant. The designers make use of recycled plastic bottles to construct the moon in an effort to send an environmentally-friendly message to the general public. The structure alone spanned about 65-feet in diameter with its surface covered with 4800 bottles that are lit with LED lights, creating an unique lighting effect.

‘Rising Moon’ was awarded the Gold Award at the Lantern Wonderland Design Competition in May 2013.

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