Tweeting bra

Nothing is far fetched in the world of creativity and technology (even if it is, in this case). It is undoubtedly true that social media has totally integrated into our lives and for most people, a large chunk of their time is spent engaging with their friends and colleagues on social sites. Twitter is one of the platforms that offers regular feeds on a almost real time basis. Leveraging on such a fantastic mechanism, a new idea is born. One that does mankind a favor, a benefit. Now, women tend to neglect their breast screening routines and how could they be given a gentle reminder? The best time of the day to remind them of the appointment is the time when they unhook their bra. Every time the bra is unhooked, it would send a reminder through your cell phone. What happens is, the cell phone would then send the signal to the server and then a tweet is generated. One of it’s kind, the tweeting bra is an idea that has never been done before. So now women can be gently reminded of their monthly breast examination. A nice and thoughtful idea.

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