Thin like a pencil

Is this so cool or what? The new Apple commercial for iPad Air is simply brilliant. With such great use of visuals and amazing copy, the commercial really do let you think and ponder the authenticity of how slim the tablet actually is. Comparing it to a pencil, something which you would use everyday, is an extremely clever way of subject relation. By comparing something to a familiar object would significantly raise the impact of getting your audience to  actually relate to it. You see how the camera stays so focus on the pencil that you would imagine what exactly is this going to do, say or transform? We then see how Apple relate the necessity of a pencil to different circumstances so powerful that it would also be just as useful as the iPad would be. At the end, you see how the iPad is revealed. It is incredibly thin and very compact. The premise is very simple and totally sells the audience how amazing the gadget is.

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