Creative packaging

I refer to a post on CB, Creative Bloq. This article gives a really interesting insight into the type of packaging to use to make your package stand out from the clutter. Obviously, the idea of coming out with interesting packages has always posed a problem for most art directors. Since a lot of creatives are mainly focused on ideation for above the line marketing purposes, a huge percentage of creatives tend to lose their touch in design, brick and motar design aspects. A nicely done up brochure with great copy and good visual direction will see itself in the bin right away if the package doesn’t appeal to the receiver. He/she wouldn’t bother opening it up to view the contents. So i think it is great advice to start to be in the know for what’s really cool and fascinating as a package.

Check out the article here: Creative Bloq. It gives great insights on the type of packaging that you could explore. Here are some of the visuals taken from the site. In a nutshell, it talks about using different approaches:

1. Stamps and seals.
2. Interesting colors.
3. Unique boxes.
4. Materials.
5. Sizes, shapes and textures.
6. Small bite sized packages.

Ok, have a read and see if you can come out with something amazing to jazz up your package next time.

bropack1 bropack2 bropack3 bropack4 bropack5 bropack6 bropack7


Foundin Singapore

Foundin_frame_002_500px Foundin_making-of_01_500pxFoundin_outdoors_17_500pxFoundin_outdoors_13_500px


It has been a while since great creative work flourished in Singapore. Art in Singapore appears to be rather inert in it’s progress towards it’s goal of being a regional arts central. Foundin Singapore, an art installation, has a very interesting idea: To plant tiny figurines around the island of Singapore, waiting to be found. The project aims to bridge the chasm between Art and People by challenging the way people believe in the evolution of Art and how spatial environments are required to occupy Art. Through the integration of Art into common spaces, the figurines shall disrupt one’s behaviorial conception in the city and be provoked to question themselves and be more aware of their current surroundings. It allows the people to zoom in to more granular details in their daily lives. These small painted figurines are now available online for ‘adoption’ by a few simple steps.

Sourced from CulturePush:

How does it work?

  1. Go to the Foundin website and register. It’s free!
  2. Choose a figurine and write a message for the ‘finder’
  3. Between 8 and 19 January 2014, the adopted figurines will be planted all over Singapore, waiting to be found
  4. The finder scans the QR code of the figurine to log the find

The heart of Foundin is the online count of “Found” figurines which hopefully inspires a growing audience to head out and actively explore the city in detail; to notice art in a different scale and perspective.

LIKE the  Foundin Facebook page  for updates or follow the portraits of the figurines in other cities on Instagram @foundinsg.

Foundin Singapore is a commission for the M1 Singapore FringeFestival, themed Art & the People.

Traditional advertising and it’s beauty


I actually think this ad is beautiful in terms of it’s execution and how succinct it is to communicate the idea across. As easy as one would relate the message to the visuals, the idea of heritage, time traveling and beauty in history has all been illustrated in this visual. Traditional advertising at it’s best. Nice work from Leo Burnett, Hong Kong.


Search by talking

Check this out! Google has now equipped our desktop browsers with Moto X’s hands-free voice control feature. Together with the Google Voice Search Hotword extension, all of us can just simply instruct the computer to fire away the search key just by saying “OK, Google!” We can just ask for whatever stuff we want to search. Neat! The feature is currently in it’s beta but you can download it from the Chrome Web Store to try it out yourself! Google really does amazing things don’t they?

Reactive billboards

This in my opinion is LIVE Interaction. I mean I haven’t seen an installation like this yet. Maybe some digital billboards has got great interactivity with mobile technology but to have one that reacts to the environment, especially something so random like this, is pretty interesting. In Singapore, all endeavors to create digital interactive billboards have resulted in epic failures. This example here by British Airways features a little boy waiting for a plane to fly past. Upon detection, he rushes forwards and immediately identifies the plane with much verve. Brilliant execution by Ogilvy UK. Nice execution indeed. Now, who says billboard advertising is to be dull and boring?

Nike Air Force 1 Safari

I haven’t blogged about fashion at all ever since I started, and I figured that I start somewhere. Today, I like to bring up some nice pair of sneakers I saw over the web. I love Nike sneakers and have been a fan of them since early age. With the proliferation of pirated sneakers, many have succumb to invest their dough on leather shoes or even alternative footwear on the market. However, sneaker collecting is still a culture so strong that sneaker collectors remain adamant towards anti-sneaker piracy. Here, we have the Nike Air Force 1, the “Safari” edition. Very cool indeed. Looking like the Foamposite version, the Air Force 1 features an upper dominated by the printed monograms of the Safari. I particularly love the the black Swoosh and the heel tab. One of its awesome design features is the bright orange sole and the icon printed on its tongue. I think it is definitely an iconic pair to rock when working or during weekends. What do you know? One of the incentives of being a creative is that you get to rock dope fashion in the office, during office hours.