Beautiful Tea boxes

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One of the most amazing things in design that would evoke a sense of emotional attraction is the way we design the packaging of the products we market. In fact, how many times have you actually made a purchase because the item looks so appealing, so cute and so irresistible that you know you just have to own it for the sake of it? We are all guilty of doing that. These beautiful tea boxes are designed by Flora Chan. They are inspired by classic book titles and the packaging is amazing. I actually like the designs and the colors that comes with it. It comes with a bigger storage box to house all the other tea boxes in. Known as the set of six ‘Prologue Tea Co.’, it is one that has impeccable construction details with minimal design on the facade. It does however, give one the excitement to open it and explore the contents. The lovely book titles are designed into graphic labels which are tastefully sticked on the boxes. We have legendary titles like ‘Lolita’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’. So now, as a tea lover, Im sure the chances that you are a book lover would also be relatively high isn’t it? Enjoy your tea while you read.

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