Baggage carousel art



Advertising can happen almost anywhere, anytime at any given moment. The formula is all about relevancy and originality. With these in check, you can almost be certain that your work would be well received. Here in Japan, the airports have decided to leverage on the time that travelers took while waiting for their baggages along the conveyor belts. They call this the baggage carousel art. This does provide some level of visual entertainment for the travelers.

As you can see, the time spent waiting for your baggage can get extremely boring and this daunting experience can be replace with interesting baggage art. Airports including Nagasaki, Okayama and Miyazaki Airport have begin their efforts by sending out cute statues of characters like Gegege no Kitaro or even animals like penguins and seals as a form of advertising for their local zoo. A great way to leverage on opportunity to advertise products and services. So it does prove that you can create your own media if you believe the sky is the limit.

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