The 10 best photographs

I refer to a post from theguardian uk today which features 10 best photographs of the day, which in my opinion was really good. Photography can be an addictive hobby and in return it favors those who puts in their hard work to achieve amazing results. A great photographer not only chooses the best time of the day for his shots, he could work his way along so many other minute details that he wishes to include in his work. Every piece of photograph could encompass a story, an emotion or even a message behind it. Check these 10 photographs from theguardian.


World 517e9f94-f13e-47c3-ab64-e73efb7e1d71-620x372 31373a15-c891-4b24-af4d-6d54ab90e7c2-620x372 Indonesia Volcano 52662586-f198-4608-93a0-a7a0ed83b06e-620x408 1085c11c-d552-447d-ace9-4c7fa418932a-620x407 **CHINA-HAINAN-SANYA-LEISURE(CN) 652b5757-21be-44fd-95d4-c0e40fb38513-620x415 AFGHANISTAN-KABUL-CHILDREN-POVERTY 28f69067-8e18-4b7e-9875-7cdf8d0134cf-620x447

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