The bridge

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WOW. Don’t you just love architecture? When I first saw visuals of this proposed project for the bridge design for China’s Hunan province, I was truly impressed. What was even more shocking was the government’s agreement to take on this adventurous design. Kudos to the authorities for approving this splendid spectacular structure. Dutch firm NEXT Architects, who just won an international design competition shall begin this pedestrian bridge next year. The structure spans across the river in Changsha, China’s Hunan province. The design is comprised of three paths which interleave, rise and fall, creating waves in an organic yet optically illusive manner. The idea behind this approach was inspired by an ancient Chinese folk art simulating a knot from the culture. The bridge runs 150 meters (492 feet) in length, rising 24 meters (79 feet) high. Amazing. 

“The construction with the intersecting connections is based on the principal of the Möbius ring.”  Project Architect Michel Schreinemachers


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