carbon-ebik33-625x625 classic-ebike2-625x625 caterham-brutus-750-macro-tank-970x646-c caterham-brutus-750-front-angle-2-970x646-c caterham-brutus-970x646-c caterham-brutus-750-front-angle-right-970x646-c caterham-brutus-750-macro-side-970x646-c

Caterham has recently launched Caterham Bikes. The company has been known for making what is retro and laidback into something modern. They have recently unleashed a magnificent arsenal of bikes. They made some new efforts to the Brutus 750. Looking pretty bad ass, the bike comes with gigantic tires, automatic CVT transmission as well as mechanical invulnerability. Caterham is not just satisfied working on the big Brutus, it is planning to get into the bike business where it would revolutionize the classic E-Bike, creating electric bicycles with pedals. Check out some of their designs. Gorgeous.


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