Insomy Coffee

The level of consumer experience varies from people to people, and there really isn’t a hard and fast rule to how you can create that nirvana for them. But on the general rule, you should at least ensure that you fulfill what you proclaimed at the minimum, and then ensuring that the service or product is able to deliver a little bit more than what it claims. Now, this over delivery has since then been one of the known factors to create “over-happiness”. The fact that you actually CARE for your consumers means you do care about your business. Because your business is really very much dependent on your consumers. Canalplay, a video on demand service from Canal+ demonstrates their understanding of this rule by launching a little extra for their subscribers. While they have a program that allows viewers to pay once a month to have unlimited access to their entire movie archives, they realize that most people would not be able to watch them without a good boost. Hence, they created Insomy Coffee. By collaborating with a coffee joint, they were able to enhance their offerings. An offering that packs together something worthwhile, adding consumer experience value atop of the current business offering.

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