Xmas Pinterest



Here’s a relatively interesting use of Pinterest. I have had the opportunity to work with a client on a past project where we created a huge image that was right smack onto the Pinterest gallery, allowing us to actually dissect the grid into different pictures. There are numerous ways to leverage on the grid system of Pinterest. Of course, ideally you would like to first do your research to understand the different offerings from each social app out there in the market before making a decision for a go ahead. What you see here is some really creative approach by advertising agency, Dare, from Vancouver. They pretty much make good use of the grid system of Pinterest to create a 25 days calendar out of it. Atop of that, each box is a video linked from Vimeo when you click it. Not only does it has a story behind it, there is content behind the entire work. Good use of media and great content engagement there guys.

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