Reverse sketching


WOW. This definitely deserves a post here in the blog. Amazing talent being displayed here by Malaysian artist Brian Lai. Seriously, it would be great to have worked with some one with such mad skills! Brian has just made discovery for a fascinating drawing technique. His sketches actually materializes into actual photographic visuals when you invert it using a Photoshop filter. How neat is that? Mind you, that’s raw sketches done by hand being converted to actual photos we are talking about here. Check out the video. We see Brian demonstrating this technique which sort of reverses the way we would normally sketch our usual drawings. He first sketches and shades it the normal way, and proceed to sketch the drawing in a completely inverse manner. His final work will then be transformed into a real photograph through the ‘invert’ filter which is available in Photoshop. He has done up an example of Hugh Jackman in his Wolverine movie poster and seriously, that is one hell of a discovery. Another great talent here.

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