“Merry Christmas.”, says Apple. Now, don’t expect that to be communicated across so easily if its gonna be good work. Because, to do good work, you need a little twist to that one simple message. Apple’s new christmas commercial seem to have moved the hearts of most people. Their inaugural campaigns has seen the tech giant making a comeback as compared to it’s sluggish performance earlier on. The theme of their latest commercial, “Misunderstood”, tells the story of a lonely boy who goes through christmas in a big family. Like most of us, christmas is a big thing and being dejected certainly isn’t fun at all. We see the boy pretty much focused on his mobile phone 24/7 with little participation or none at all while the family is in the midst of preparing and celebrating the winter. Just before you could judge the outcome, the boy switches on the tv and a video was played. Turns out he was filming the entire family event all along! The scenes were very heart warming. Check out both videos. Apple’s previous commercial on the ipad Air revealed it’s intentions at the end of the commercial and as always, this does seem to be one of it’s trademark in their recent commercials. This commercial is no doubt one of the most heartfelt commercials this winter.

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