Shopping for that shoe

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at PM 12.44.44

Are you a sneaker fan? I don’t mean to stereotype here, but a large group of creatives whom I have worked with are huge huge fans of sneakers and would rock them anytime. Personally, my own preference for footwear varies a lot from leather boots to sneakers and sometimes, even stylish sandals for the evenings and weekends if it suits well for the occasion of course. I can’t help but blogged about the design of this pair of sneakers from Italian fashion house Valentino. Check out the new design direction given to this lovely pair of leather studded sneaker. It was launched sometime earlier in the year but the design is just mesmerizing that I think it deserved to be blog here for it’s design. I love the tones of yellow at the tip of the shoe box and that nice blend of studs at the back in cool grey color. The brown, yellow, blue color palette is simply gorgeous. With mesh fabric as part of the construction of this sneaker, it gives a nice variation to the overall aesthetics. I do see a little inspiration from new balance’s all time England and USA classics but the feel is somewhat one that is already more on premium and luxury. Check this pair out when you visit their stores or even at Brown’s online shopping site. It’s selling at 360 GBP.

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