Package yourself properly.

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How many times have you entered the door to a client presentation and have the client challenged you to your design? Unknowingly, they might sometimes appear to have challenged their own brief, which can be extremely appalling especially when you met someone who just can’t seem to differentiate between what’s blue from pink. I have for most occasions done work for clients who are clearly unaware the significance of a great visual identity. Immediately they would jumped into a frenzy when they see something they either did not see before or it just isn’t what they would expect. Great design requires courage of acceptance. And a great design makes your product prominent. Taking the center stage on a clustered rack of products. You want to look like you would be taken off the shelf the moment you have been placed on. So bear in mind, a good design identity is just as important as your logo. I refer to a great post from trendhunter with 76 impressively designed packages. Check them out here.

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