Open the door

What do you see each time you opened your door? I look forward to the shimmering pearl white shelves where all my Lego toys were neatly stacked onto one another. I see loads of toys and minifigures that would filled my heart with so much warmth and joy. Well, my room door is the exit to an arduous day at work. Advertising Agency, Milk, Vilnius, Lithuania did a commercial for IKEA with the message: “Each time I open my door.” Now, that is one powerful message that reminds us intermittently the joy of entering our room, filled with all the things we love. A person’s room represents a lot of who he/she really is. Tapping on this message, the ad projects the message of what to expect whenever you enter your home. Powered by a strong script and beautiful scene transitions, the story for this ad becomes engaging to the audience. Your home is important, for it kept the events and moments that happened throughout our life. We see in the ad a man opening the door, only to remind himself in each phrase of his life, he had a different home where he recalled all the fond memories. Each time he opens the door, he remembers an iconic event or life he went through. The message builds a really good brand relationship as you corresponds what you see at home to the items you placed in it. IKEA wanted us to remember that our home is who we are, what we want to see and how we want to it. Depending on you, your door to home could be a lovely one.

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