I know I have been blogging a lot on christmas and how this season gave us so much surprises. Not just the kind of work we see out there, but also stuffs over in the agency that we do to amuse ourselves. Apparently, an idea quite similar to this came by the office a few years ago while I was in Saatchi. We had the opportunity to ‘humiliate’ the client by sending them an eat-your-own-medicine gift. So one of my creatives came out with the idea of having an unbreakable box. One that would irritate the hell out of the receiver. The gist of this entire saga was to basically keep that anticipation so strong you would go miles to crack that box. Only to realize it is just a cheap by the way gift. Of course, I wish that had happened. Now, this case we have here is just way so identical I had to talk about it. Love it. Simply one gift wrapper you just cannot tear it apart! Nice stunt there by Spanish advertising agency, Eureka Global. They are working on the premise that one would grew anticipation the longer it takes to open their christmas gift.



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