“Let her go.”

A simple idea can spun into numerous creative denominations. Just like how a short and concise message, “Best Buddies”, could leave us in awe. Budweiser’s latest commercial, #BestBuds features a romantic friendship between two lovely animals. We see a little cute puppy getting adopted and how the puppy bids goodbye to the horse in the barn. Again and again, the dog comes back to the horse. Finally, it ends with a really nice heartwarming scene. I shall leave you with suspense, go watch this video.


Facebook ‘ReShare’?

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To recreate success is to recreate innovation. I have always believe that some of these social media giants like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest have the most leading example of all time. But to share the technology between one another would be ultimate. While Facebook has got it’s predominantly used function, the timeline is one that allows us to read news feed, share them as well as comment on them. Of course, another integral part of our daily routine is to ‘retweet’ them. Yes, Facebook has decided to have that function on their timeline. While it is similar in a way to the Share button, the new ReShare button allows quick sharing simply by tapping once on it. That makes it easier for one to execute this activity. It is crucial to understand one singular click is definitely more compelling than two. Do you think the ReShare button is necessary?


Happy CNY from Coca-Cola

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If you recall, I have stressed the importance of packaging and how crucial it is to actually have your product projecting its voice well over your competitors. And, that cannot be achieved through creative mediocrity nor bad judgement on marketing foresight. In this festive occasion, the chinese believed a lot in prosperity, the idea of gifting and staying auspicious becomes integral in the chinese custom. Understanding geographical cultures is also an imperative process in branding. Coca-Cola, has created gorgeous looking packing this new year with interesting can design and carton packaging. In Vietnam, Tết (Lunar New Year), is where Coke is widely consumed. Simply because of the overtly well received ‘red’ symbolizes prosperity, Coke is one of the most preferred drink. This packaging design by Vietnamese design agency Rice Creative, made use of heritage Coca-Cola as the basis of their design. Leveraging on red as the foundation of design, the agency created swallows that were hand illustrated. The result was an amazingly crafted graphic work: ‘The Swallow Bird’, which is what you see in the design, a symbolic meaning of the Tết icon, while An meaning peace, Tài meaning success and Lộc meaning prosperity. Very nice.


Don’t you just love ads that aims to bring on more laughter and less of the hard selling product driving mundane? BBDO, USA did these commercials for Snickers for their bite sized Snickers. The idea was simple. Basically, it is the why-didn’t-I-think-of-it formula, leading to a retrospective from the past. We see possible causes to why a simple idea like this wasn’t implemented. Both commercials illustrates hilarious outcomes as to why this had happen. Check them out. These days, fun-vertising simply garner a lot more attention than traditional advertising – great copy with nice visuals.

DDB, awesome agency.

Obviously creative agencies would find the most innovative way to approach hiring of their own talents. After all, talents are assets which agencies are built upon. As our environment changes, the way we hire also evolves with time. With the introduction of online and digital media, there are many innovative ways to leverage on. DDB, Oslo picked Snapchat as the platform for them to recruit the cream of the corp. 10 seconds is all you need to pitch your idea across. So, make it work. If you do, you will get to fly over to Oslo for an interview. Winners to be announced on April 3rd.

Buying from the TV

3 days ago, this video of David Beckham for H&M’s Super Bowl ad went on Youtube and we see the superstar once again flaunting his body. I must say, though I am not a huge fan of David Beckham, one cannot deny the popularity of this man. Surely, marketers are leveraging on his fame and desirability to attain massive traffic and bigger success. We see this ad promote H&M’s David Beckham Bodywear Collection which is aimed to be launch in their stores as well as online in January 30th. What I find to be interesting was the fact that for those of you out there, if you own a 2012 or 2013 TV model from Samsung, you can actually purchase items straight from the t-commerce platform. With two versions of this tv commercial, fans are able to chose which version they would like to air on Super Bowl Sunday. They could cast thier votes online via HM.com

Luxury vending machine

Moët-Chandon-GOLDEN-DIAMOND-11 moet_chandon_logo_highres_resizedmoet-vending-machine vending-moet-vending-machine-c3b4c3b6c2bc-c2abedblomfield-4349

You probably have seen this before. While not exactly the latest news, it is in itself a discovery within it’s own category. A league of it’s own, luxury department store Selfridges developed a rather unusual way of selling a much coveted product like LVMH’s Moet & Chandon Champagne in a relatively ‘cheap’ manner. They built the world’s first luxury champagne vending machine. The machine could store up to 350 bottles and designed with computerized mechanics like a golden robotic arm that serves to move the bottles around. To bring on the festive mood during Christmas, packaging of each bottle comes coated in shimmering Swarovski crystals. I know we sometimes ended up wondering “Why didnt I think of that?” The idea of selling something expensive in an affordable manner, contextually swapping perspective to arouse curiosity is one of the most prevalent formula often adopted by marketers. Nicely done. Very refreshing.


Apart from being one of the most used words in 2013 last year, the word “Selfie” is also the the theme of Dove’s latest campaign for beauty. Amongst it’s long legacy of successful campaigns, the new campaign focuses a lot on redefining beauty the way we see it. While everyone has a different take on beauty, a really fair and equal definition of beauty stretches beyond boundaries. What we have is a real time engagement from the public on their opinions and how they define it. We can post it on Dove’s #Beautyis page dovebeautyis.com. Without a doubt, I completely adored how Dove has always make use of testimonial approaches, hearing from people the real meaning and definition of beauty. Stripping away those rhetorical marketing approaches and media-agnostic ‘tactics’, a true and honest definition is what makes a campaign of this nature, very successful.

Muscle through

If you have seen previous GoDaddy commercials, it shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing scenes of women in lesser than usual outfits, in rather intimate scenarios. With a promise to cease such content, it’s Bodybuilder ad now features a lot of hardcore beefy and muscular men dashing across the streets towards the spray tan store. Eliminating the load of zany yet sexually implicit ads, it hopes to elevate from a rather low acceptance level. This is just one of the two ads that will be featured during Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2nd. While ads work very well with a significant social attention, the is always a fine balance between notoriety and fame.

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