Coca Cola

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at AM 07.15.46


The World Cup is an event well enjoyed by millions around the globe and Coca-Cola aims to join in the celebration by releasing 18 very beautifully designed ‘mini-bottles’. These bottles will be launched in Brazil in commemoration of the World Cup’s launch location there. There are designs which symbolizes countries which took part as hosts before and that includes Argentina as well as the future locations like Russia. What is compelling is the fact that these bottles are very engaging due to the interactive nature. It allows iPhone and Android apps to interact and create messages and even profiles which could communicate with other bottles. Using Facebook as the social tool, these online communications allows more user to user engagement. Not only can these bottles interact, they can also launch augmented reality animations through smartphones. Great work there by J. Walter Thompson. Check out more of the video at

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