Apart from being one of the most used words in 2013 last year, the word “Selfie” is also the the theme of Dove’s latest campaign for beauty. Amongst it’s long legacy of successful campaigns, the new campaign focuses a lot on redefining beauty the way we see it. While everyone has a different take on beauty, a really fair and equal definition of beauty stretches beyond boundaries. What we have is a real time engagement from the public on their opinions and how they define it. We can post it on Dove’s #Beautyis page dovebeautyis.com. Without a doubt, I completely adored how Dove has always make use of testimonial approaches, hearing from people the real meaning and definition of beauty. Stripping away those rhetorical marketing approaches and media-agnostic ‘tactics’, a true and honest definition is what makes a campaign of this nature, very successful.

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