Buying from the TV

3 days ago, this video of David Beckham for H&M’s Super Bowl ad went on Youtube and we see the superstar once again flaunting his body. I must say, though I am not a huge fan of David Beckham, one cannot deny the popularity of this man. Surely, marketers are leveraging on his fame and desirability to attain massive traffic and bigger success. We see this ad promote H&M’s David Beckham Bodywear Collection which is aimed to be launch in their stores as well as online in January 30th. What I find to be interesting was the fact that for those of you out there, if you own a 2012 or 2013 TV model from Samsung, you can actually purchase items straight from the t-commerce platform. With two versions of this tv commercial, fans are able to chose which version they would like to air on Super Bowl Sunday. They could cast thier votes online via

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