Interestingly, good creative work can be automated and still look compelling. While most of us adore the brilliant works of designers who craft beautiful visuals out of words, many do not know the process of doing so. Typography as this process is called, is one that requires sharp eyes, a creative layout experience and a nice balance in space. Try imaging words as pictures for a start. Not making it too frivolous, one can experiment working with wider white spaces and neater fonts. Be cautious on the use of kerning and lading and achieve great balance between positive and negative space. Now, with Notegraphy, you can forego these tips and immediate craft brilliant typography! Available on mobile and web, this amazing app allows users to create very complex and visually compelling typography. Simply enter the text and select from the templates, a style that suit your liking and preview it! Extremely easy to use and great implementation interface. And it is very much connected to social media. By adding titles, tags and sharing functions, it becomes well integrated with social media. Check it out!


Samsung Galaxy S5

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I know this should have come much earlier. But the concise article from The Verge gave more insights to the upcoming Samsung S5. We see how important and convenient smart phones are to our social behaviors and remains perpetually integral in our daily routines. Samsung’s S4 had previously drove it’s offering to the stratosphere, leaving little room for its next innovation. While many might think that way, it might not be true. Im an iPhone user but occasionally, I would check out Samsung’s offerings. While there is little adjustment to the facade, the new innovation, S5, boosts a huge repertoire of new functions to woo you over. If being avant garde and living on the edge of technology is something up your alley, then this might just be the phone for you.

We now have a fingerprint scanner as well as several important features like an Android back button and capacitive keys. And I see how the tech giant is trying to move into the health segment by improving its gadgets to incorporate more personalized functions that aims to monitor your health progress. Atop of that, the S5 has attempted to built more functions around its home button too. These include tying up with merchants like Paypal making purchases through fingerprint scanning. Definitely a smartphone worth waiting for isn’t it?

Defying gravity

To challenge the odds is what defines PepsiMax’s latest project with Damien Walters. They wanted this man to unleash his innate beast, one that pushes boundaries. They needed a project that would prove man wrong. The project to defy gravity as a human. Walters decided to take the attempt to dash a human-sized loop without strings. And he made it. Cool.

Social Media Guard

Don’t you just love it when you get interrupted from your socially interruptive behavior? All is summarized in this video alone. Check out Ogilvy’s social media guard for Coca-Cola. Amazingly outlandish and unconventional solution to get us back to our humane senses. I wonder if this really is a solution or a funny ad purely for the sake of an award?

Finger licking good

Whats more powerful than a message that requires no copy at all? The reminiscent habit when one enjoys KFC is undoubtedly unique. Ogilvy & Mather, Johannesburg, recently did TV commercial for KFC featuring a story of a foreign student studying in thailand. The world knows no boundaries. Especially when you are at a place that serves food you had back home. This feeling of nostalgia generates warmth in the hearts of many. With a simple lick of the fingers, one immediately gets the message. The video ends with the girl having a hearty meal with great camaraderie in KFC. Of course, we see her licking in fingers.

Talking to the dead


It can get pretty spooky knowing that you can actually talk to someone whose dead. Someone whom you spoke to before, someone who you had been close with. A new startup, is about to revolutionize the digital world by pushing interactive technology to the stratosphere. What it does is that it elicits human emotions through data it gathers about a person, reconstructing its virtual DNA. Using artificial intelligence, this is made possible and allows family or friends to still be able to communicate with the dead. To talk to someone dead is creepy but if that special someone is dear, then it becomes a valuable experience. What really wish to achieve is to bridge and lessen the impact between the dead and the people who remembered them. It helps to bring in data from every possible channel, including social media and any available sources. I cant wait to see the results of this innovation.


The unanimity that Apple produces craze and desires, has always left me with doubts on the popularity of its existence or its technology. Take their iWatch for instance, the idea of having a smartwatch to pair with you smartphone does seem a bit far fetched initially. Despite the watch having a series of phone functions, it now integrates with fitness-related features, giving the user a holistic experience. While some might view this product line being detrimental to Apple’s robust line of tech gadgets, the revolutionary invention for a smartwatch has its fair share of returns for the tech giant. A watch that benefits users by providing them easy access to their health details can be extremely helpful. The watch is capable of detecting the heart beats of its user and is likely to even notify its owner of an impending heart attack. Pretty neat eh?

Personally, the idea of having a watch that not only looks good, but actually works so hard to give you that extra help in managing your health is something noteworthy. In fact, Apple is working on Healthbook, offering an integrated suite of functions, including the number of steps you have walked, the amount of miles you travel or even the calories you have burned. All these are essential to keep you in great health. There are even more exciting functions like keeping your hydration levels, blood pressure and glucose levels in check. Awesome.

The Coca Cola Straw



I have to admit that Coke campaigns done thus far has always garnered massive traction in terms of brand visibility. Even during valentine’s day, the chance to create something really innovative is not spared. This really interesting initiative aims to let you consume Coke with someone else. With such a simple yet powerful message, it becomes evident that enjoyment comes in pairs. As you vend a coke can, it comes with this beautiful straw alongside the packaging with the tagline “This Valentine’s Day share a coke”. Beautiful.

The bottle of Whiskey

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Where design is concerned, creative work is the combination of great craftsmanship and heritage culture. In an effort to celebrate their long heritage, J&B Scotch Whiskey collaborated with tattoo artist Sébastien Mathieu to create a magnificent design. The result is a limited edition bottle with very intricate designs. This quaint looking bottle serves homage to the heritage of the age long whiskey tradition. Mostly manual work, Mathieu inked up 25 bottles of whiskey, with each bottle taking up 20 hours of his time. Amazingly, the designs were inked on latex in the color of human skin, simulating the intrinsic value of tattooing. What’s more appealing is the wooden box that packaged the bottle, a snazzy looking one isn’t it?

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