Traditional advertising and its beauty

zona-cyber_ingle_olsen_2400 zona-cyber_ingles_clark_2400 zona-cyber_ingles_gates_2400 zona-cyber_ingles_metcalfe_2400

Traditional advertising is often associated with print ads that daunts upon you with a surfeit of hard selling copywriting accompanied by bland product visuals. On the contrary, there is still beauty in every media regardless of its mundane nature. Nice amusing yet insightful ads are a pleasure to the viewers, it communicates the message without much convoluted details. Take these ads by advertising agency, Delantero, Fortaleza, Brazil for example. Despite having longer than usual headlines, they are a pleasure to read, watch and understand. Despite the world now recognizes digital media as the new kid on the block, the idea of novelty in print ads still has a long way to go. Personally, these ads for Zona social media week are beautifully drawn and crafted. Love the concept and humor behind these quotes.

pantene_straight_2400 pantene_curls_2400


And here’s two ads for Pantene by Grey, Lima, Peru. Again it does not take one too long to decipher the hidden message behind these ads. What piqued my interest is how some ads would generally be able to guide their viewers in the direction for them to understand the message. Interestingly, smartly crafted visuals alone without surfeit of crapulous data is succinct to illustrate a good message. To say the end of print is upon us, is a statement far from reality.


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