The unanimity that Apple produces craze and desires, has always left me with doubts on the popularity of its existence or its technology. Take their iWatch for instance, the idea of having a smartwatch to pair with you smartphone does seem a bit far fetched initially. Despite the watch having a series of phone functions, it now integrates with fitness-related features, giving the user a holistic experience. While some might view this product line being detrimental to Apple’s robust line of tech gadgets, the revolutionary invention for a smartwatch has its fair share of returns for the tech giant. A watch that benefits users by providing them easy access to their health details can be extremely helpful. The watch is capable of detecting the heart beats of its user and is likely to even notify its owner of an impending heart attack. Pretty neat eh?

Personally, the idea of having a watch that not only looks good, but actually works so hard to give you that extra help in managing your health is something noteworthy. In fact, Apple is working on Healthbook, offering an integrated suite of functions, including the number of steps you have walked, the amount of miles you travel or even the calories you have burned. All these are essential to keep you in great health. There are even more exciting functions like keeping your hydration levels, blood pressure and glucose levels in check. Awesome.

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