Hand Drawn

I know this had been done awhile ago back in 2010, but the idea came as so original that I think it has never been contested in terms of creativity nor execution even to date. I love the idea that it sprout so much originality and relevant messaging through a simple use of purely markers. Brilliant perspective into seeing how things can evolve with just simple materials. A great example by Leo Burnett, UAE for Chevrolet. A starting point for brands to generate awareness.

The power of people.

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“You are more powerful than you think.”

For any brand, those were the exact words they would say to any of their customers perplexed by the huge array of brands out there in the digital jungle. The fact that people must understand that they possess the power to determine their own brand experience is one less practiced these days. With so many options and misleading advantages, one would might easily fell for the snake oil advice. However, strong branding resonating with consumers can easily deterred itself away from less mainstream ploys. Apple in this case, has done a fantastic job. This new ad for the iPhone 5S features people. Yes, people. Again, the brand is so human centric that whatever it features, almost relates itself back to how it adds value to people, enriching their lives. Such is the get-go of the brand, earning it’s well deserved popularity and followers. Another magnificent commercial from Apple. Check it out.


Again, Nike demonstrates great acceptance to ground breaking work. This video brings forth the amazing message that winning sometimes requires you to risk. Even if it means risking everything. The game where winner stays, allows for every touch of the soccer ball creates ownership to those who dare challenge and risk. Check out #RiskEverything


Young guns


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What happens when you pick the minds of very creative people and have them all rounded up cracking ideas for something zany? You get truly astounding work. The Art Director’s Club has since invigorated a huge following of creatives, creating brilliant ideas through creativity, design and experience. For Young Guns 12’ competition this year, three members of the Young Guns, Julia NeumannJordan Bruner, andJamie Carreiro proposed the ‘Reanimation Game’. Interestingly, it defies all norms of a typical game setup. Characters in the game they designed would never perish and instantly resumes in an entirely new visual setting as it plummet off dangerous structures. The styles are works by over 45 artists and effectively communicates the idea of a reanimation. Check out the game here.

The One



Foray into the highly saturated mobile market is a rather adventurous decision. And, a highly risky move. OnePlus, a tech startup is keen to take on that challenge. The inaugural debut features a smartphone with both sleek appearance packed with killer specifications. Known as the One, the phone is created under the company belief, “never settle,”

Do check out more about this smartphone from here.

Some of its specs:
a 5.5-inch, full HD screen,
a quad-core,
2.5GHz Qualcomm
Snapdragon CPU with an Adreno 330 GPU,
3GB of RAM and 16/64GB of storage.


Street Food

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One of the bizarre packagings I have encountered. I am very supportive in terms of the creative way of branding one product with another. Callie Logan, took the idea to package real food using Krylon Spray Paint. The idea to create ‘street food’ came while she was researching on graffiti and realize how it has deeply represent itself to food. The spray can epitomizes street art and captures attention of graffiti artistes. A very innovative approach.

Nearby friends


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An article from Mashable, reported Facebook releasing their apps with newer functions. This time round, they added a nearby friends function which is similar to WeChat’s. What could have taken Facebook this long to implement this function? In Asia, Facebook penetration is massive and a function like this might serve its purpose but yet attract adverse effects. I have heard of couples banning one another from Facebook. I guess you probably could visualize what the reasons might possibly be. Nonetheless, I think this is still an innovative addition to the repertoire of tools on Facebook, plus it also aids in further enhancing consumer experience. Now, I shall not go into details how the new function would work, but you can read more of the article here to understand the ‘Nearby Friends’ experience.