Bait bikes

This is exciting. A thief prowling at another. I actually believe that bicycle thievery in San Francisco is pretty prevalent considering the police are now so adamant on nipping these crimes, they resorted to the idea of “Bait Bikes”. A very interesting approach where bicycles are now tagged with GPS devices. Indeed, this is almost like a case half solved. Obviously, for most oblivious thieves, this becomes the ultimate giveaway for them. San Francisco Police Department had their Anti-Bike Theft Unit coming out with a brilliant strategy to apprehend thieves through innovative means. I love how they would then mock the culprit who took the bait. As funny as it might seems, these bicycles were baits to lure the culprits to steal them and eventually had their faces recorded and posted on educational Twitter account, @SFPDBikeTheft. Not only is this humiliating, it is also very entertaining. Bicycle theft cases are on the rise and such measures are panacea to the perpetual crimes plaguing the society. Again, great use of technology, social media and creativity.



The new Batmobile

batmobile-dawn-of-justice_100468425_m-625x625 batmobile-dawn-of-justice_100468424_m-650x0



Wow. Anyone anticipating the new movie, Dawn of Justice, would indefinitely be stoked by these images. The new Batmobile is indeed way ahead of its time. Personally, Im an avid fan of the Dark Knight and these in my opinion does gives the Batmobile a fresher perspective. Not only is the design loud, bold and very forward in terms of appeal, it looked like it eschewed the older bulky facades from its predecessors. Awesome.


Save the Sundae!

For a start, this might seem lame to certain people. However, the idea of interactivity and engaging consumers is clear in this execution. Mc Donald’s ‘Save the Sundae’ campaign came as a brilliant idea that addresses to the brand’s eagerness to engage their followers. Good job from the boys from Leo Burnett.

Hands free and Driver free



An article from DigitalTrends gave a rather interesting report of Google’s recent experiment on their driverless vehicle concept.

I remembered one of the classes I attended recently had me in a slight disagreement with one of the lecturers over the usage of autonomous technology in vehicles. Despite his adamant belief that the concept is far fetched, the technology has been introduced countless times on media and not to mention Google’s very own movie where they actually feature this brilliant technology. Today, these new gadgets will not only revolutionise our daily routines, it will improve them and change how we see things. We must learn to embrace technology instead of fearing how it would constantly ruin our lives. As creative and original as one can get, always remember that the premise of great technology is one that promotes better quality of life, and not destroying it.

Unlucky beauty

And they say broken mirrors were considered unlucky or bad omens. Today, what has always been a preconceived notion of being unlucky is seen as an art. Sometimes, I do wonder if artists enjoy teasing the general perception and belief of others to create strong statements. Check out these amazing photographs by New York photographer Bing Wright. Interestingly, the use of broken glasses creates this really nice cracked lines with intricate details. I believe this brilliant execution is further enhance by the imagery it encapsulates as well. Amazing.

Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-2-1 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-1-640x413 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-6 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-10-1 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-10 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-5 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-12 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-7 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-9 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-4 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-3 Broken-Mirror-by-Bing-Wright-2

Manchester United Balls

Really? Getting three Manchester United soccer stars to endorse meatballs? This three-minute meals concept manufactured by Korean food company Ottogi features Robin Van Persie, De Gea and Januzaj in their trademark stances while mixing between scenes of meatball dishes. While performance for the club has been on the rocks lately, popularity for the club remains strong. This promotional ad is an example of continuos support, albeit it does look a bit weird.

Adidas Mi

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.26.56 pm adidas-instagram-custom-sneakers-650x0

Being able to own a pair of decent Adidas sneakers might not mean anything significant for you and me, but the idea of customising your own pair of sneakers with your very own Instagram picture is something worth thinking about. As much as other sneaker brands have done the concept before, this time round Adidas is actually bringing the excitement a notch higher by letting users print their actual photos onto a pair of ZX Flux shoes from their original line. Rather than the use of just color palettes or materials to simulate the look, they now literally print photos on it. Check out the cool video from Adidas. This is another amazing idea from the sports giant, one that is highly engaging and effective. They are planning to implement this idea in August through the upcoming Mi Adidas app which is available for download on iOS and Android.

Living in LAG!

What does it feel to experience LAG? Especially if its lagging in real life activities. I think LAG has been the one disturbing element that has perennially affected most online users. This awesome experiment by UME.NET Broadband shows results of how one could possibly live with LAG. Well, everyone does experience it and really it is just how intense is the amount we get. Using an Oculus Rift cross mounted and alternated with a GoPro(almost the technology that everyone uses now to do really cool experiments :)), it gives the user that similar experience to actually move around in real with LAG. Check out these videos to see how bad it is. I actually like the way the experiment is done. Perhaps this could be another breakthrough for something cool to happen.

3D painting?

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Creatives tend to keep a keen eye on any available media that can potentially bring brands to life. Here Singaporean artist Keng Lye created new excitement in her artworks. “Alive Without Breath”, a project showcasing breathtaking artworks of three-dimensional sea creatures looking so realistic almost popping up in the face. These artworks are inspired by Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori. Furthermore, the technique is actually a potential media to pull off possible marketing campaigns. An interesting alternative to traditional advertising.

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