Bait bikes

This is exciting. A thief prowling at another. I actually believe that bicycle thievery in San Francisco is pretty prevalent considering the police are now so adamant on nipping these crimes, they resorted to the idea of “Bait Bikes”. A very interesting approach where bicycles are now tagged with GPS devices. Indeed, this is almost like a case half solved. Obviously, for most oblivious thieves, this becomes the ultimate giveaway for them. San Francisco Police Department had their Anti-Bike Theft Unit coming out with a brilliant strategy to apprehend thieves through innovative means. I love how they would then mock the culprit who took the bait. As funny as it might seems, these bicycles were baits to lure the culprits to steal them and eventually had their faces recorded and posted on educational Twitter account, @SFPDBikeTheft. Not only is this humiliating, it is also very entertaining. Bicycle theft cases are on the rise and such measures are panacea to the perpetual crimes plaguing the society. Again, great use of technology, social media and creativity.


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