Women jobs are tough

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I loved seeing extreme artworks that outrightly demands your attention. Seeing Eliza Bennett’s work, I cant help but agree with the message that “women’s work” isn’t light and easy. It can be rather arduous and most often or not, extremely stressful. Her interpretation is portrayed by a well-worn hand, stitched along the joints of her fingers. Naming this project as ‘A Woman’s Work is Never Done’, her idea was to communicate that low-paying jobs are not to be stereotyped as ‘women’s work’. She sews threads directly through her skin, depicting a worn and rugged pair of hands.

“The technique, I recall first applying to my hand under a table during a home economics class in school. I was totally amazed to find that I could pass a needle under the top layers of skin without any pain, only a mild discomfort.”

“Some viewers consider the piece to be a feminist protest, for me it’s about human value. After all, there are many men employed in caring, catering, cleaning etc… all jobs traditionally considered to be ‘women’s work’. Such work is invisible in the larger society, with ‘A Woman’s Work’ I aim to represent it.”

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