Shelby Cobra

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Are you a fan of Shelby cars? I personally adore the classic looks of their vehicles. Having one is the envy of others. Shelby is set to launch more special editions and this time it is releasing this beast, a 427 Cobra. And to make it even more desirable, they are making it less available by producing only 50 of them. With a design that resonates with the 1965 models, Shelby further sweetens the deal by labelling them in sequence with serial numbers symbolising the vehicles’ history. They come in aluminium chassis or the all time classic Blue with White stripes palette. These vehicles really extrudes class.


COBI smart bike

It’s amazing how so many interesting ideas are floating in KickStarter now. Some are really very innovative and seeks to improve our daily routines. Take “COBI” for example, its probably the only smart bike around that allows you to connect with your gadget to configure the bike. It currently has 100 intelligent features to play with. This bike gives us great automation especially when manoeuvring through difficult situations. Check out the video to see how the bike can work closely with the mobile phone for example. See the project here.


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Love trainers. I always feel the need to dress down in order to dress up. That hip looking trainer from Nike SB, is another beautiful model of its Trainerendor. It now arrives in a fabulous red-wine “Merlot” palette. Check out the mesh accompanied by those really awesome nubuck uppers! Not bad at all! This is truly a beauty. I pretty much adore sneakers with nice white soles. They frame the base very nicely. At a very decent price of 90euros, one must not miss out this shoe at all Nike SB outlets.


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These popsicles are actually pretty impressive. Love the geometric designs. These are certainly not your average ice cream popsicles. Based in Berlin, Manu Kumar, an architect together with design Stefan Gendl have worked together to produce these lovely popsicles. I really love the polygonal shapes and the symmetric angles. Not forgetting it has a really cute stick with graphic on it. Nuna Popsicles.

Block me!

I know right. Sometimes we block people whom we hate or we filter friends whom we dont want them to see or find out what we are doing. So the ‘block’ function on Facebook then becomes extremely useful. I love how Facebook interprets that and translate it into an interesting fashion. In fact, it is the way they make tutorials more interesting with the help of a humorous script. Not only are these youtube videos short and interesting, it fuses the daily elements and scenarios we face. Check out the video which features a couple facing a little fight and how the block function can come in handy. OR NOT.


Ah, its Christmas again. We shall be expecting the proliferation of creative works from brands in this festive season. Check out this funny commercial from Oral B. I have to say I had such a good laugh at this ad. Sometimes, you really don’t need an excellent script. All you probably need is the daily humour brought to life. Brilliant stuff from Publicis UK.

Christmas biscuits

I see this technique used very often. Immersing the audience in an unforgettable experience and pulling them out to reality. Most often seen in Wieden + Kennedy’s commercials, McVitie’s ‘Christmas Choir’ by Grey showcases the family enjoying these delightful biscuits akin to them surrounded by lovely pets. Sweet TV commercial.

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