You get to keep the car.

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Remember the old commercials for Visa where Pierce Brosnan was seen raging through the streets of Bangkok on a 3-wheel tutu tricycle? Adventures and humour were always critical factors presented in his commercials. The 60-second spot this time for Super Bowl XLIX is one that still packs these exciting elements, but with a little twist in the plot. We see Brosnan having a really intimate discussion with his producer or agent on the scences or script for his new gig and his immediate assumptions for action scenes all going the opposite direction. It ended up being a less violent script. Kia has been doing really solid creative work for Super Bowl for awhile and this is no exception. Nice work by David & Goliath. And of course, Brosnan gets to keep the car. Check out the article from Adage here.


Paintings that you can eat?

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The level of engagement depends on how immersive the brand wishes to communicate with their audience. Coming out with refreshing ideas has always been the constant challenge for brands seeking to break through the clutter. Looking at Danish brand, Castello, a cheese company in New York City creating impact in their brand marketing effort is simply astounding. Check out how they erect a museum in New York’s grand central station. They even elevate the experience further by introducing edible art pieces! Passer by can have a taste of their delicious cheese by reaching into the paintings! Not only does the experience intrigue both smell and taste, it is visually appeasing. Awesome.

Garbage Man

Got to love how creativity blossoms in Thailand. They make almost every awesome ad seemed so easy, so pioneering. One of the best formula for success has always been to nail the brief with what it is suppose to sell. Not only does viral content helps to garner traction, such ads touches people’s hearts, getting them all warm and fuzzy. Evoking this sensation that make them want to share or even rethink of their fortunes. Interestingly, in this ad the little boy isnt the typical frail little brat but a rather chubby looking boy hero. When it comes to an insurance ad, nothing beats getting the right message across through the emotional route.

Line up for Cabs!

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In their effort to combat Uber in Japan, the dominating messaging platform Line is coming out with a new service. Their launch of a taxi service within their primary app is evidence that the company is seeking to beef up offerings. The service starts in Tokyo, collaborating with Nihon Kotsu to provide the supply of taxis while Line continues to focus their part on handling the payment platform. Facing direct competition from Uber, it becomes imperative that such initiatives be proposed early to secure market shares. Afterall, Japan needed an app that not only offers better network coverage, but also quicker cabs.

Awesome office

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Many would remember how amazing Google’s office interiors were. Now let us take a look at Airbnb’s latest office in Portland, Oregon. Apart from their beautiful offices in Dublin and San Francisco, this new office resides in the Blagen Block Building in Old Town Chinatown and now acts as Airbnb’s North American Operational Headquarters. Office environments plays a critical role in establishing conducive working conditions. Do you want to work here?

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