Talking to me?

Always a big fan of outdoor activations, I enjoyed seeing how powerful ideas turn to life together with the amount of joy and laughter it elicits from people. What we have here is an interesting mirror that actually talks to people who passes by. Originated from Brazil, bread brand Nutrella created the ‘friendly mirror’ which aims to make your day by singing praises and talking. Creepy, some might say, but the tonality has simply made it a rather amusing experience.


People need to understand that for something really groundbreaking, it is not just injecting pure creativity, there is an imperative need for unconventional content. Heineken’s social experiment, ‘Routine Interruptions’ placed thousands of people in a dilemma, in a decision making scenario. And I like decision making scenarios. You get people all cold feet and under stress while they attempt to make a really scary decision. In this case, the answer to an ultimate night out is simply picking up the phone, mustering up the courage to do exactly what the caller says. People get really scared when they don’t know what unfolds and this level of suspense is what builds the plot for this campaign. Excellent work there, Heineken.

Don’t hit them

252604_2_800 domestic-violence-ad

I realise i do have a liking for billboard advertising, especially those that bring out the intended messaging through very creative means. Take domestic violence for example, I have seen tons of them done in a very statistical manner, direct and not interesting at all. You don’t grab a person’s attention, you don’t get to communicate anything at all. UNICEF’s recent billboard shows transitions between the day and the night. Just like violence at home, it usually happens during the night. Interestingly, this level of relevance is imperative in getting the right attention at the right time. It is reported that there are close to three million cases in the United States where children are abused badly. These ads brings awareness to people about violence at home, in the night where it goes pitch dark, it brilliantly casts a shadow of a horrifying figure attempting to strike the little kid. Interesting execution.


Check her out!

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 1.25.02 am

This is seriously brilliant. A smartphone app that allows you to literally flirt with a stranger. GM has lately come up with an awesome app developed by their China team for Android which allows a driver to actually scan the license plate of another vehicle and eventually strike conversation with the owner through text messages. How cool is that?! Obviously this sounds really amazing as one can actually be hitting on another simply through an app at close proximity! I remember seeing a photo of an inconsiderate car driver parking so close causing another driver to have difficulties accessing his car door. The app would come in handy under such circumstances with the app. It is reported that app might just work well with Google Glass and that adds a lot of possibilities to this new discovery. Indeed the world of technology and innovation never fails to astound us. The project, DiDi Plate might just found itself a market in our present society. Check out the full article here.

Return home, son.

Nothing replaces motherly love. No hero that brave could bear to lose the love from their folks and loved ones. Advertising agency, Lowe-SSP3 Bogota, Colombia had recently did a campaign for the Ministry of National Defense Colombia to helped moms plead the return of their demobilised sons for christmas. The program was so heartfelt, it taps on the emotional aspect of many, especially their sons. Anything can really happen as long as we put our hearts and souls into it. The program, ‘You Are My Son’ took to the streets and TV with songs made through the sorrowful words of these moms. Such impactful yet enduring messaging. Thumbs up.

No driver?!

Wow, we have talked a whole lot about the Google Driverless Car project but less of the real action have started. While we all know research and development is well underway, the Google team have yet to feature anything substantial. Now they have the ‘First Drive’ where they invite people to give it a test drive. As a matter of fact, this test drive had people being fetched around autonomously at locations considered to be more safe with lesser people. The amazing thing about autonomous technology means they don’t actually need drivers and that means no need for steering wheels, pedals nor brakes! All they really need is a really neat computer chip which immediately recognises the locations and onboard software and sensors to move. The machine is designed to bring you to your destination with just a button. Simply brilliant yet revolutionising technology.


the Happy Cycle

Work hard for the things you love. Coca-Cola’s recent initiative, ‘Happy Cycle’, brought that thought to live. This time round, the campaign seemed to drive a different message. However, their marketing efforts remained extremely engaging. We see people being invited to ride the bicycle in an effort to work off the calories to redeem a can of Coke. Whats interesting is the process in doing so. See how you can work off the calories and be rewarded.