Awesome LEGO machinery

I love LEGO. And when I saw this video that one of my peers had posted on her Facebook, I was completely blown away! The way the company sees itself moving towards developing builders of tomorrow drives my motivation to continue my support for the brand. This video is a great example of how the toy is no longer just a play thing for kids. When used with precision coupled with engineering, one can easily create fantastic technology. Using careful computation and tapping on every possible LEGO brick, Akiyuki took on the Great Ball Contraption project. Took the creator almost 600 hours to conceive this beautiful project. What more can I say? Brilliant.

AirBnb Oslo Holmenkollen Ski design

Building extremely immersive brand experiences is the result of a combination between fusing the right physical and emotional elements. Take a look at Airbnb’s most recent work with interior professionals Melissa Hegge and Nina Holst, as they attempt to transform Oslo’s Holmenkollen Ski Jump to include a snazzy looking penthouse. The design direction takes inspiration from Nordic designs and incorporates a very exclusive rooftop terrace. The facade has a rather organic shape, leaving a very arresting impression under the light blue sky backdrop. With accommodations at a staggering 200 feet off ground, the layers of glass offers breathtaking view of the city. What a fantastic way to live! Check out these images of the beautiful interiors. Truly a work of art.

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Drone ambulance

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An article on Businessinsider had me wondering why has such a brilliant invention taken this long? It is a known fact that ambulances frequently get stuck in jam especially in crowded cities like Singapore. During times of emergency, it is imperative to ensure clear traffic conditions under the behest of the ambulance. So, Argodesign, came out with the drone ambulance which aims at evacuating the victims from accidents in both congested cities as well as the more rural areas.

From Austin, Texas, the design firm aims to leverage on innovation to deliver results that no other clients could have imagine. Im seeing this idea as exemplary illustration of how our future would be. Not only does the drone not require a pilot, its mobility is almost undisrupted. The drone is also designed to manoeuvre easily through the cities.

Very cool invention that would potentially save the lives of many people.

Scribd to comics!

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Subscribing to online comics and other e-zines means having multiple accounts, multiple logins and a lot of passwords to remember. What if you can have all under one roof. What if that roof gives u access to the less conventional materials. Would you imagine having comics on Scribd? It should not come as a surprise since subscriptions need to sustain a company’s growth and by providing the right content, the relevant audience follows through. Offering a combination of ebooks and audio books are pretty standard. But to enhance that offering with comics and magna can be pretty exciting.  With easily 10,000 comics under their belt, viewers would have almost no issue getting bored. Clearly, a product needs to provide relevant content to garner the right target audience.

Mountain Dew

Dont you just love these really creative digital videos? While the main bulk of the commercial appears to be quite standard, the last bit of the video is pretty fascinating. Mountain Dew developed this commercial for Super Bowl 2015, featuring a real-time Snapchat of the actual story plot. Viewers can click on the items within the frame and accessing different story plots. Clients are often doubtful of the effectiveness of such work, questioning its ability to convert into tangible results. This is where digital videos are not only consumed passively, but also engages and communicates with its viewers. Very innovative and effective.

You get to keep the car.

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Remember the old commercials for Visa where Pierce Brosnan was seen raging through the streets of Bangkok on a 3-wheel tutu tricycle? Adventures and humour were always critical factors presented in his commercials. The 60-second spot this time for Super Bowl XLIX is one that still packs these exciting elements, but with a little twist in the plot. We see Brosnan having a really intimate discussion with his producer or agent on the scences or script for his new gig and his immediate assumptions for action scenes all going the opposite direction. It ended up being a less violent script. Kia has been doing really solid creative work for Super Bowl for awhile and this is no exception. Nice work by David & Goliath. And of course, Brosnan gets to keep the car. Check out the article from Adage here.