Adidas Mi

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.26.56 pm adidas-instagram-custom-sneakers-650x0

Being able to own a pair of decent Adidas sneakers might not mean anything significant for you and me, but the idea of customising your own pair of sneakers with your very own Instagram picture is something worth thinking about. As much as other sneaker brands have done the concept before, this time round Adidas is actually bringing the excitement a notch higher by letting users print their actual photos onto a pair of ZX Flux shoes from their original line. Rather than the use of just color palettes or materials to simulate the look, they now literally print photos on it. Check out the cool video from Adidas. This is another amazing idea from the sports giant, one that is highly engaging and effective. They are planning to implement this idea in August through the upcoming Mi Adidas app which is available for download on iOS and Android.

Speed of Light

Iris Spain had created a video for Adidas featuring Messi. This time round, with the theme – Light up the Pitch, we see Messi all decked up in a black suit with wires and led lights. The background turns dark and Messi suits up the light suit. We then see him display his marvelous skills in the darkness with illuminated light dots. Very cool moves and featuring a rather beautiful video of him. A very awesome video.

Hoops and Jumps

Sometimes the best ideas are the products from the manifestation of simple yet practical marketing objectives. When you think about basketball, you think about hoops and jumps. Adidas bring these to life with a very simple yet effective idea: Jump with Derrick Rose. In this video you see how the people would jump in order to reach for the shoe they desire. Enough said, this idea really speaks for itself. Great experience and engagement. Well done Adidas.

Adidas NEO

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Adidas has launched a uber-cool online shop with amazing interactive features. Great music and interactivity, featuring celebrity endorsement from music icon Justin Bieber. The entire experience is very smooth in transition between the scenes and also displays the gear each character wore simply with the click of a mouse. Every good user experience and journey. Not to mention great information architecture planning as well. Nice job.