Change bit by bit

This ad by Saatchi & Saatchi, Bucharest, Romania for United Way might seem like a very simple ad but I do feel the message is well conveyed and extremely impactful. Cutting down the layers of flashy details, going straight to the core of the message, the ad communicates the importance of changing lives. We see a sad old lady, a dirty little boy and a gritty looking man transforming in the videos. Their differences in appearance was well illustrated from the beginning to the end of the video. Clearly, what we see in our daily lives can be changed through the little actions we do. Donate generously.


Take your hands off my kids


Copy: “Sexual predators can hide in your child’s smartphone.”


This is a great ad by creative agency Herezie, Paris, France. The visual impact instantly gives the idea of something fishy going on. Upon reading you would understand how much your kid might be putting through with someone neither you nor your kid would know, of the evil intentions hiding behind deep within those conversations. So keep an eye on that phone and don’t let these unlawful predators try anything funny.