Block me!

I know right. Sometimes we block people whom we hate or we filter friends whom we dont want them to see or find out what we are doing. So the ‘block’ function on Facebook then becomes extremely useful. I love how Facebook interprets that and translate it into an interesting fashion. In fact, it is the way they make tutorials more interesting with the help of a humorous script. Not only are these youtube videos short and interesting, it fuses the daily elements and scenarios we face. Check out the video which features a couple facing a little fight and how the block function can come in handy. OR NOT.

Start Something New

IKEA’s new TV spot features a rather odd but adorable old man who is sick and tired of his mundane lifestyle and decides to go on an adventure rather than sitting around feeding birds. The TV sport entitled ‘Start Something New’  features him traveling across the world, gaining new experiences and through different cultures. Boy, he really did enjoyed himself. Check out the video.