All in the name of good.

Public donations make up a significant contribution to the welfare of the medical society. For the Peruvian Cancer Foundation, it has been experiencing a lot of difficulty trying to get funds to assist in the raising costs for helping children with cancer. They needed to do something that would help change the perspective of people. One major touch point. They decided to go to the prison for funds. They believe that if the prisoners could prove their worth by contributing, this would eventually inspire others to do so. Check this video out.

Weather operated Ads


No one can truly guarantee the results of a good media placement. Speaking of which, when it comes to targeted advertising, Stella Artois Cidre has just launched a weather-detecting ad campaign by working together with creative agencies Posterscope and Liveposter. Now, that’s something to raise eyebrows. Marketers who seek to get the best results by stretching every dollar they invested in their advertising efforts would definitely find this a good idea to garner results.

They came up with a creative idea: Create a system that would detect the weather on a real time basis and deliver the digital ad: a nice visual of apples with a chilled Stella Artois Cidre as the hero image. The fun part is when the device detects an increase in temperature, the cider ad flashes. Thus, churning the desire for a great summer beverage. If the temperature drops, the ads shall not appear.

Andy Logan, marketing manager for Stella Artois Cidre said: “This summer, Stella Artois Cidre, will deliver the most sophisticated summer of refreshment, right on cue when the temperature rises.

It is through these innovative technologies that we are revolutionizing the way we position and advertise our products. This has lead to yet another powerful tool we can leverage on to create more interesting advertising campaigns that are more targeted.

Sharing just got better

Coca Cola’s has always been creative on all their marketing and advertising campaigns. And for this summer, it is no surprise. The Coke Social Can now comes in your usual container, except you can split it into two. Pretty cool huh? I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea. By twisting the can, you could remove the top off and thus, allow you to pass the bottom half, which is a container cup to another friend. You could then pour your coke from the top half into the bottom half and share it!

I particularly like how Coca Cola embrace the idea of harmony and sharing amongst people. You see, by making an effort to do something nice every time, it potentially keeps your brand in the memory span of people. Every one of us has a limited ‘present’ brain function that particularly remembers things that happen currently up till perhaps a day or so. To constantly be placed at this spectrum of the mind, one must do things that provoke and instill values. Its kind of like bumping up a thread on the forum or constantly appearing on the news feed of a social platform. No matter how many times you appear, if your content is crap, people wouldn’t care much. The great strategy Coca Cola adopted in my opinion is to intermittently distract us away from our busy selfish rat race lifestyle by throwing such interesting fun loving campaigns.

Great work there by folks and friends from Ogilvy Singapore! Naiiisssseeee!!!