BMW DriftMob

Awesome. We have seen human flashmobs, their boisterous and exciting experience is now challenged by a flashmob of BMW M325i Coupes. Hows that? The ‘Driftmob’ features the BMWs drifting across Cape Town, creating a rather loud appearance. We see five BMWs dashing and spinning around the road, completely taking the public by surprise. This act was beautifully orchestrated by Hollywood director Mic Rodgers. The result was a truly magnificent performance. With 5 million youtube views and counting, this has definitely spurred more online viewerships than its physical tractions. Well done Interone Germany.

The Hunter

hunted_on_the_road_aotw hunted_at_the_crossroad_aotw hunted_at_night_aotw hunted_in_the_park_aotw


It gets exhilarating whenever I see brilliant creative work. As much as I am adamant that creative work should strive to be innovative and experiential, print media has its beauty and continued to be an integral part of the creative implementations. There has been great work from awesome agencies and most often or not, the best work are generally very clear and less subtle on their messaging. Here is an example of a really visually impactful yet clear cut messaging by advertising agency, Heads Propaganda, Brazil, in an effort to warn us of the impending danger when we neglect cyclists on the roads. Respect them, don’t ‘hunt’ them.